Insect-derived Proteins

We provide the finest protein derived from insect larvae, guaranteed to reduce the farmer's feed costs and improve their yield.

Farm to Farm Deliveries

We work with livestock farmers within our network to determine how much protein their animals need for maximum yield, then deliver sufficient amounts right at their animal farms every week.

Data Insights

Intuitions are good, but not reliable. We collect farm data, analyze it and communicate our predictions back to the farmer. We use digital tech to assess animal growth and reccomend the best nutrition plans.

Market Intelligence

We dont just provide the inputs. We help livestock farmers build profitable relationships with high value clientele. We aggregate market data and communicate the best prices to the farmer.

Our mission is to empower livestock farmers to improve their yield.

We firmly believe that if the 45 million small scale livestock farmers in the developing world are given seamless access to the right information and animal feed ingredients, we can feed the whole world with not just food, but nutritious food sustainably.

We provide protein inputs and data driven insights to nurture farm animals.

Our life long commitment at Magofarm is to boost food production in the developing world by equipping small scale livestock farmers with uninterrupted access to information - as well as affordable, sustainable and nutrient-rich protein ingredients for animal growth.

How it Works?

1.Livestock farmer signs up to join the Magofarm network.

Farmer expresses an interest to join our network by filling in a short form via SMS, web app or paper. We collect basic information such as name, farm type and location.

  • Registration done in local language.
  • No internet required.
2. We'll schedule a visit to your animal farm.

In order for us to serve the farmers better, we love to pay them a visit. During the farm visits, our field officers collect farm data such as the number of animals, type of livestock, feed challenges and farm size. We also love to get a sneak peak of the animals feed history vs conversion ratio.

One of the reasons why we love the visits is that - they enable us to build a relationship with the farmer. We love to interract with farmers and get to know them a little bit better. Its in this process that we get to understand farmers' needs and how we can help them achieve their goals.

3. We calculate protein requirement and add the farmer onto our database.

Once the preliminary field work is done, we analyze the collected farm data and use an algorithm to calculate the sufficient amount of insectmeal required for the best yield. Our team representative sends an SMS to confirm the farmers subscription plan and enrols the farmer onto database. The farmer is now able to receive regular information on market trends, best animal farming practices as well as access our protein delivery services.

  • SMS updates on best animal farming practices.
  • No internet required.
  • Expert advice.

And Finally...

4. We deliver sufficient protein to every farmer weekly.

This is where it gets exciting. We deliver sufficient quantities of insect derived protein to the farmers every week, from farm to farm. We understand that running an animal farm is tedious. We want the farmers to focus on the animals while we figure out the animal building inputs, the proteins. We assure our farmers the best protein in the market, at no hidden costs. We maintan a continuous feedback loop with our farmers to ensure that we never miss the point. At the end of the circle, we link our farmers with high value buyers of their livestock or livestock products (eggs, milks, fur,skin etc)

  • On demand deliveries
  • 24 hour support service
  • Link to high value buyers of livestock and livestock products
Inspired by the Black Soldier Fly.

The secret to the affordability and quality of our protein lies within the arms of mother nature. We produce alternative feed-protein ingredients using nature's most efficient agents, insects. We are pioneering a waste-to-nutrient insect technology using black soldier fly (BSF) larvae to upcycle organic waste into premium and sustainable protein ingredients for animal feeds.

Innovating for the environent.

Asides our social impact, what we are truly passionate about our business is the environmental sustainability it brings into animal production. Unlike soymeal and fishmeal, insect derived proteins require less land, water and emit very little carbondioxide.

Farmer Subscription Packages

Starter Pack

RWF 50,000per month

  • Free Local Delivery
  • 15KG of feed inputs weekly
  • 20% Discount on 6 month subscription
  • Free Consultancy
  • Free veterinary doctor's support
  • Guaranteed Market
  • Guidance to loan applications
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Premium Pack

RWF 250,000 per month

  • Free Local Delivery
  • 50 KG of feed inputs weekly
  • Free Consultancy
  • Free veterinary doctor's support
  • Guaranteed Market
  • Guidance to loan applications
  • 30% discount on veterinary drugs
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