At The forefront of a Circular Economy.

Our mission at Magofarm is to drive inclusivity into the international animal feeds industry by making affordable, nutrient-rich and eco friendly feed-protein ingredients accessible to small scale livestock farmers (poultry, piggery and fisheries). We produce alternative feed-protein ingredients using nature's most efficient agents, insects. We are pioneering a waste-to-nutrient insect technology using black soldier fly (BSF) larvae to upcycle organic waste into premium and sustainable protein ingredients for animal feed formulation.

  • Non GMO.
  • Organic
  • Environmental friendly.

Since the demand is enormous, we go beyond just producing. We also utilize digital technology to connect small scale livestock farmers with other producers of alternative proteins across the region. Using a computer algorithm, we collect farm data, analyze it and predict the amount of feed-protein required by a farmer for maximum productivity.


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Innovating for the greater good!

As an environmental friendly organization, we are innovating around the efficient conversion of food waste into protein by insect larvae. In the process, we don't just produce affordable protein, but also take part in reducing the amount of food waste that goes into local landfills every year.

High Quality Proteins 100%
Farm to Farm Deliveries 95%
Data Driven Insights94%
Market Intelligence80%

Our Mantra

Our greatest asset is our team. We understand the committment we have to the life of smallscale livestock farmers, and we always raise the bar as high as we can get.