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An estimated 2.5 billion tons of food is lost on farms or wasted by retailers or consumers globally, accounting for about 40% of production, according to research by FAO. The figure tops the previous estimates by about 1.2 billion tons, with farming in wealthier countries being a bigger offender than assumed. In South Africa for example, 10 million tons of food go to waste every year. That’s a third of the 31 million tons produced annually. Of this, fruits, vegetables and cereals account for 70% of the wastage and loss primarily throughout the food supply chain – from farm to fork. We are on a mission to convert this food loss into a massive opportunity that generates millions of dollars in revenue by using insects to upcycle food waste into biomass and organic fertilizer.

  • Nutrient Circulation.
  • Organic
  • Environmental friendly.

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Innovating for the greater good!

As an environmental friendly organization, we are innovating around the efficient conversion of food waste into protein by insect larvae. In the process, we don't just produce affordable protein and organic fertilizer, but also take part in reducing the amount of food waste that goes into local landfills every year.

Organic 100%
Waste Conversion Efficiency 95%
Application of circularity principles 94%
Data Driven Insights 90%

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Our greatest asset is our team. We understand the committment we have to the agriculture sector, and we always raise the bar as high as we can get.