From Food Waste to Protein

We transform food waste into protein for animal feed formulation, guaranteed to reduce the farmer's feed costs and improve their yield.

From Food Waste to Organic Fertilizer

We transform food waste into organic fertilizer rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. The chemical-free fertilizer is guranteed to condition the soil for maximum farm productivity.

Building with the environment in mind

We deeply care about the enviroment. We have designed a solution that ensures constant nutrient upcycling from food waste to eliminate completely methane pollution.

Closing the Food Loop

At Magofarm, we believe that food should not be lost. We work hard to ensure that lost food is constantly upcycled into nuntritious forms.

Our mission is to create a food-waste free world.

Our team is set out to provide a more enviromentally beneficial alternative for food losses across the agricultural value chain in Africa.

Empowering smallholder farmers.

We supply our organic fertilizer to smallscale crop farmers at a price they can afford, and our protein to small & medium scale poultry farmers at competitive market prices.

How it Works?

1.We aggregate food waste from multiple streams

Be it from farms, restaurants,households or industries - we source food waste from wherever we can find it before it ends up in landfills.

  • Leveraging mobile technologies for collection and mapping.
  • We pay farmers for all post harvest losses collected.
2. Food waste is pre-processed.

The food waste collected is then brought to our waste conversion facility and pre-processed to ensure moisture levels and particle sizes are optimum.

Waste pre-processing is done in adherence to safety standards as regulated by local authorities.

3. Waste is Fed to Blacksoldier Fly Larvae

After pre-processing, food waste is then served to the larvae of the blacksoldier fly for bio-conversion.

  • Bio-conversion.
  • Working with Insects.
  • A completely natural process.

And Finally...

4. The Larvae bio-convert the food waste into biomass and Organic fertilizer

The blacksoldier fly larvae have an incredible ability to convert food waste into biomass within their bodies, which is a nutrient rich protein ingredient for animal feed formulation.

  • Upto 50% in protein composition
  • 100% organic
  • 100% enviromentally friendly
Inspired by the Black Soldier Fly.

The secret to the affordability and quality of our organic fertilizer and protein biomass lies within the arms of mother nature. We work in close collaboration with nature's most efficient agents, insects. We are pioneering a waste-to-nutrient insect technology using black soldier fly (BSF) larvae to upcycle food waste into premium organic fertilizer and protein biomass for animal feed formulation.

Innovating for the environent.

Asides our economic impact, what we are truly passionate about our business is the environmental sustainability it brings. Our work helps to reduce methane emission from abandoned food waste which would usually end up in landfills.